Aaron Teasdale

    I'm an award-winning writer and photographer on a quest to explore the world, find the meaning of life, and avoid getting lost for more than two days at a time. (Also, exotic skin rashes, trying to avoid those, too.)

    A hands-in-the-dirt storyteller, I seek the beautiful, mystical, and absurd. I find the untrodden places—the ones with dead-end roads, off-the-grid eccentrics, and toothy creatures that push me down the food chain—and dive in, pen and camera in hand.

    Whenever possible, I drag my wife and two sons along for the ride.

    I snared a 2012 Lowell Thomas Bronze Award for Travel Writer of the Year from the Society of American Travel Writers, in addition to recent LT awards for Best Adventure Travel and Best Environmental Tourism stories of the year. My photography regularly appears in feature stories and on covers of publications worldwide.

    Currently I'm on a seven-month journey through Central America with my family. The birds are beautiful, the water is warm, and the cerveza is cheap. It's not a bad gig.

    BLOG: www.aaronteasdale.blogspot.com
    FACEBOOK: www.facebook.com/AaronTeasdaleWritingPhotography
    RESUME AND CLIPS: www.linkedin.com/in/aaronteasdale

    502-5624-8494 (Guatemalan number)
    digaaron at gmail.com